We also specialize in installing window tint for your home. We carry some of the best quality films available for residential tinting. Technological breakthroughs in film manufacturing have allowed for many types of film and shades. There are clear films which allow light to come in, yet they block out over 99% of the sun’s cancer causing uv rays.

There are several misconceptions about film in homes. Many people are under the impression that installing film on your window can trap heat and cause the window to break, especially in dual pane windows. However, there is special film designed to enhance the look of your home that can withstand high temperatures to prevent the glass from breaking. Also, there are many different shades and colors for residential use. Many people don’t realize that window file comes in a variety or shades and colors. You don’t have to have that aluminum look for your home to enjoy the benefits film has to offer.


Lower Utility Costs

Make your house more energy efficient by preventing the heat from building up indoors. Film blocks out heat by up to 79%. This translates into lower cooling costs, which puts more money in your pocket. It also prevents heat from escaping in the winter, which keeps your heating costs down. Research shows that installing window film on your windows, can lower utility bills by up to 30%.

Reduce fading of your interior flooring, furnishings and fabrics

The sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays eat up your interior floors, furnishings, and fabrics over time. Protect them from fading and eventually cracking or tearing. You spend a lot of money furnishing your home. Why not protect your investment? Over the long run, the few dollars you spend on tint, will save you a lot of money on carpet, wood floors, furniture, drapes, etc.

Reduce glare from sunlight for reading, watching TV, and computer work

With window film, you can enjoy the sun’s natural light without the disturbing glare of the sun’s harmful UV rays. The film reflects damaging rays, but allows light to come indoors, which makes it easier for you to read, watch TV, or work on your computer.

Protect yourself from harmful UV rays which are reported to cause skin cancer

Because window film blocks out 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays, it allows one to enjoy the sun without having to worry about skin cancer. Allow the light to come in to your home without the risk of sun exposure.

Protect yourself from flying glass in case of earthquake or accident

Film holds glass together in case of breakage. Its adhesive bond holds glass together when shattered. Installing window film can protect you from flying glass in case of earthquake or flying objects that can break your window.